RestonThe mission of Effective Communications is to increase clients’ business opportunities through creative, targeted public relations programs and to protect business reputations in crisis situations, whether actual or potential. The firm assists clients with important communications to media, employees, politicians, regulatory authorities, special interest groups, and other public relations constituencies.

Approach to Public Relations

Gaining an in-depth understanding of a client’s objectives, business, and markets ensures successful programs. A strategic, goal-oriented program that has the support of senior management is then developed. Counsel is regularly provided to senior management.

The best way to maximize a client’s communications opportunities, as well as solve its communications’ problems, is to document and creatively market the organization’s competitive strengths – and discuss the opportunities it has on the horizon. Effective Communications emphatically rejects the notion that public relations programs can be rooted in hype or a desire to “spin” reporters and/or other public relations constituencies.